Disney Company: It's not exactly a secret that Disney has been, to put it lightly, slightly racist throughout the years. Generally the minorities in Disney are shown as dumb or lazy, and have often spurred controversy. Below are shown some of the more racist characters in their movies ordered by the year in which the movie aired.

Racist Disney Movies


In the movie Fantasia there is a part that has a black centaur that is a servant to the white centaur. The black centaur was shown stereotypically. This movie came out in 1940.

In the movie Dumbo the black crows were shown stereotypically because they were black and were poor and uneducated. This movie came out in 1941.

In the movie The Song of the South is about an African American man who happily works on a plantation during the post civil war in the deep south. This movie came out in 1946.


In the movie Peter Pan the Native Americans are portrayed as savage and stupid when there face turns red when they are kissed by a beautiful woman. This movie came out in 1953.

In the movie Lady and the Tramp the siamese cats are supposed to be portrayed like Asian people with slanted eyes and are sneaky. This movie came out in 1955.

In the movie The Jungle Book people thought that it was racist because all of the white characters had “perfect” nice British accents. But the black monkeys had accents of African Americans. This movie came out in 1967.



In the movie The Little Mermaid the character Sebastian stereotypes Jamaicans as lazy and that all they do is work under the sun as shown in the lyrics. Up on the shore they work all day out in the sun they slave away while we devotin’ full time to floatin’ under the sea! This movie came out in 1989.

In the movie Aladdin the song lyrics attack Arabs and stereotype them as shown in the lyrics before they were changed. I come from a land from a far away place, were the caravan camels roam. Where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face, It’s barbaric but, hey, it’s home! This movie came out in 1992.

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Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll: These two men had the radio show Amos 'n' Andy in 1929, during the height of their popularity on WMAQ radio. One of the problems people had with the show was that the two men showed who voiced the African American protagonists, were in fact white. This was something that caused much anger when it accompanied the fact that the show showed the men as blatant stereotypes. The blacks on the show were shown as being lazy and/or stupid. This was called one of the more racist shows in America, causing Gosden and Correll to be slightly infamous with the time period.

Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby has worked on breaking down the barriers in media and eliminate stereotypes for years. Even before the ever popular "external image 6a00d83451f25369e20120a6c9ce3e970b-800wiCosby Show," Cosby was the first African American to costar in a show that wasn't a sitcom in 1965. At this point most blacks were confined to sitcoms, which explains why it was such a big deal for blacks. Yet it wasn't until September 20, 1984 that Cosby starred in the most popular sitcom with an all black cast of all time. This was of course, the "Cosby Show." This show was a huge success for one very simple reason. It showed a very functional black family living in which both the mother and father have good jobs, and the family lives in a two story household. Overall, this show was completely different from any other all black show in the way that it was the same as any white sitcom, and yet, overtime the show flourished.

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