1951 June 28, Amos 'n' Andy is aired.

1953 June 11, Amos 'n' Andy stopped making shows.

1960 July 23, - Dominic H. Trinzi, a Milwaukee lawyer and president-elect of UNICO, said mass entertainment media increasingly tended toward "stereotyping the Italian as a fearful gangster and generally vilifying the entire ethnic group. Many Italian Americans finding this very offencive.

1960 Frito Bandito's first commercial came out. This creates a lot of controversy.

1966 CBS stopped showing reruns of Amos 'n' Andy.

1968, the National Congress of American Indians began its campaign to address stereotypes found in print and other media. Since that time, over 30 institutions that carried offensive images of Native Americans as mascots, have officially eliminated these images. W. Ron Allen, president of the National Congress of American Indians stated, "The National Congress of American Indians strongly condemns the use of sports team mascots that claim to portray Native Americans

September 20, 1984,- Most successful all black sitcom ever, "The Cosby Show," is aired. This was highly well received mainly because of the fact that it portrayed blacks in the same way as it would show whites.

1993 November 15, - Gangster rappers promote vulgarity and violence against women without restraint often there depiction of life in the ghetto is more fantasy and following of racial stereotypes, than expressions of personal experience. Many people are starting to stereotype black people as rappers that live in the ghetto.

1995 April 20, - Within hours of the Oklahoma city bombing, the news media floated the names of three unpopular religious groups and stereotyped ethnic groups as instant suspects. Sociologists and religion scholars said it is no coincidence that the media are so quick to point the finger

2005 Abercrombie and Fitch was face with a law suit because they were not hiring people of different races and genders. It ended in a settlement paying $40 million to all the employs they let go or turned down due to their race or sex.

2007 October 12, Fill-Ams (Filipino Americans) filed a law suit agents ABC because on one of the episodes of Desperate Housewives one of the actress made a racial slur about Filipino doctors and there reliability.

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