Constitutional Right Abuses of the FBI!!!fbi_1.png

This civil rights issue is one of the most important issue that needs to be solved by our country. Many FBI officials are abusing their power without even knowing sometimes. Many of them do, but they still do not care. Throughout the history of the FBI, it has had some bad and good times at the same time, but all in all, everything that has happened to the FBI has made it more advanced in some ways. Even with J. Edgar Hoover as the head of the FBI, he still revolutionized the way the FBI works today. The FBI was created in 1908 and had it’s 100 year anniversary a few years ago. One thing that happened to the FBI recently that made the FBI so hated was that the Patriot Act was passed. They were not hated because of the Act itself, but of how they abused it. The Patriot Act allowed FBI agents to send National Security Letters (NSLs) without getting a warrant. This made them so hated because every time the FBI did not get a warrant and send the letter off, the letter would be violation peoples rights. In this wiki you can learn about different things such as more detail into the Patriot Act and into some things that J. Edgar Hoover did. You can also read about the history of the FBI, Ruby Ridge and the Color of Law. Hope you like it!

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