Stonewall Riots-
. In 1969, gay bars and clubs were raided by police and gays were arrested because of exposing their homosexuality in public places was forbidden by the law. But when the police went into the Stonewall Inn, the patrons banned together and fought back. In the end, there were more patrons at the bar than police officers. Many took this as a victory against what they viewed as oppressive and unequal laws in New York City. Others however mocked and ridiculed all the people that were in the riot. Despite the negative reactions of some, the Stonewall Riot is considered to have had a profound impact on the development of the modern gay rights movement and have been praised as a turning event in the fight for gay civil rights. It is looked upon as the spark or beginning of the gay rights movement.

. One of the first groups that was founded to protect and work for the gay rights community was the Society for Human Rights group.
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. In the early 20th century homosexuality was under the impression that it was a metal disease and was put in the book DSM the manual used by the American Psychiatric Association to diagnose mental disorders. In 1973 though homosexuality was removed from the book.

. During the time period of the 1980's the gay rights movement started to gain momentum and important events started to come alive because people were finally sticking up for themselves. One of these examples is the Democratic National Convention. This group decided to support gay rights marking the battle point of where people would have their own opinion on what they thought.

. In 1990 was also the recognition of same-sex partners in the city of Berkeley. This was both a set back and a positive outcome because it gave gay people something to fight for, but it also caused a lot of controversy because many thought that gays shouldn't have the right to be married to someone of the same-sex.

. 2000 has been a lot about passing the right for gays to have to ability to marry. Again though, many people are apposed to this idea and refuse to give the vote for the law to pass.

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. On the last sunday in June since 1970 on 5th avenue the first gay liberation march was held in New York City. This parade has been going on since the first march in 1970 marking the Stonewall Riot. There is always cheering and chanting to celebrate and remember all the people who are still fighting for gay rights.
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. The purple hand print is a symbol that represents the gay liberation in 1969 after the San Francisco newspaper dumping purple ink on memebers of the Gay Liberation Front protesting their offices. This hand-print is many of the different symbols that gays have created over the years from struggles and successes.