Common Cycles that some migrant workers follow
Many migrant workers follow a cycle throughout the year. In what area of the U.S. depends on where they travel for work.

In the east:
- Workers spend winters in Florida
- They then moved north to harvest fruits and vegetables until mid-summer
- Next they move to northeastern states to harvest until winter (starting around July)

Most migrant workers in the east are African American, Puerto Rican, and Haitian.

In the central part:
- Workers spend winters in Texas to harvest early spring crops
- Then they move north to many different states

Most migrant workers in the central part of the nation are Mexican or American Mexican.

In the west:
Workers move throughout California and neighboring states, such as Arizona. Most workers are of Mexican ancestry but are U.S. citizens. However, there are some Filipino workers too. Workers living in the west tended to specialize in certain crops.

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